1996 to Present

Distinguished Lecturer, Interdisplenary Studies, with Dr. H.H.A. Cooper, University of Texas-Dallas, Classes on Terrorism and Foreign Diplomacy, War, Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Law & Ethics, Law & Psychology and Organized Crime Including speaking topics:

• Terrorism and Domestic US Law
• Terrorism and International Law
• International Human Rights Law
• The Plea Bargaining Process
• Extralegal Renditions under International Law
• International Criminal Court and War Crimes
• Defending an Unpopular Client
• Understanding Cultural Issues in the Defense of an Accused
• Federal Criminal Laws and Racketeering
• White Collar Crime
• Organized Crime
• Defending a Federal White Collar Case
• Federal Sentencing in a White Collar Case
• Defending a Conspiracy Case
• Insanity Defense and Mental Impairment
• Understanding the Issues in a White Collar Fraud Case
• Defending the Psychopath in a Criminal Case
• The Attorney Client Privilege in a Criminal Case
• Laws Against Unlawful Search & Seizure
• Human Rights and Punishment
• The Death Penalty in Capital Cases
• Defending a Murder Case
• Defending an Accused in a Military Court Martial
• Socio-Economic Disparity in Criminal Cases
• Conflict of Interest Issues in Criminal Cases

2010 – Criminal Laws and the Small Business Owner | ITT Technical College

2009 – The Paralegal and the Criminal Law Office | Dallas Paralegal Association

2008 – Texas DWI Punishment Laws | Lorman CLE

2003 – Representation of the Unpopular as a Criminal Defense Attorney | University of Texas American Studies Program

2002 – Post Conviction Relief for Immigrant Clients in Texas State Court | Dallas American Immigration Lawyers Association

2001 – Important Factors in Preparing for Trial in a Federal White Collar Case | Dallas Paralegal Association

2000 – Post Conviction Relief for Immigrant Clients in Federal Court | Dallas American Immigration Lawyers Association

1998 – Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Cases Limiting Firearm Ownership | Richardson Gun Show Club Meeting

1997 – Analyzing Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction in Texas | State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting

1996 – The Importance War Crimes Tribunals in Cases of Genocide | ABA, International Criminal Court Draft Committee Liasons

1995 – Using Treatment Alternatives Instead of Incarceration for Substance Abuse Offenses | Cheyenne River Healthy Nations Project

1995 – Coordinating Effective Law Enforcement in Indian Country | South Dakota States Attorney Annual Meeting

1994 – Criminal Law, Archeology and Cultural Resource Preservation | University of Iowa, American Indian Studies Program

1993 – Effective DWI Prosecutions and Preservation of Evidence in a DWI Case | Albuquerque Police Department

1993 – Preservation of Cultural Resources on Tribal Lands and the Law | University of Iowa, American Indian Studies Program